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Debbie Meyer Green Bag: What You Should Know

A whole lot of us are attempting to live healthier nowadays. We try our best to stay in shape, get sleep, and eat an adequate amount of vegetables and fruit on a daily basis. However frustration can mount when stocking up on fresh produce only to see it turn brown and wilt within days.

A good process to help keep your produce fresh for longer is to store it in Debbie Meyers Green Bags. These bags can prolong the freshness of your fresh produce for weeks longer than you ever though possible. The bags slow down the ripening of produce and result in fresher fruit and vegetables. By slowing this ripening process, valuable vitamins can be preserved, meaning that you get more of a health benefit from your meals.

Lettuce and cabbage, which tend to wilt within a week under normal circumstances, can stay green, crisp, and fresh for weeks when stored in Debbie Meyers Green Bags. Apples stay crisp, bananas stay yellow, and celery stays crunchy for much longer than they would in regular supermarket produce bags. Even cut flowers can enjoy prolonged freshness in the bags.

Debbie Meyers Green Bags can also help to cut down on landfill waste. Unlike the plastic bags you find in supermarket produce departments, Green Bags can be rinsed and reused several times. Take a moment and consider just how many single-use bags you can keep out of circulation every year - just take a couple Green Bags with you to the supermarket and use them instead of plastic bags.

With rising food prices, it is very easy to get frustrated with the high cost of healthy foods. When your veggies and fruits stay fresh until you're ready to use them, you'll get rid of less food due to premature spoilage and possibly reduce your food bill.

Although Green Bags feel like plastic, they are actually made from a special form of a natural mineral. Green bags are made to absorb the ethylene gases given off by produce which contribute to ripening and spoilage. The special bag material is also designed to cause a reduction of moisture and the appearance of mold and bacteria on your fruits and veggies. They perform consistently well, whether kept on the counter or in the fridge. Even cut fruit experiences a significantly lengthier life when wrapped in Debbie Meyers Green Bags.

Besides the obvious benefits of reducing landfill waste and keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer, these wonderful bags can also cut down on the clutter in your fridge. Debbie Meyer Green Bags take up less space than plastic boxes and can be stored right in the fruit drawer and vegetable crisper. You can store some in your car or purse and always have them ready for quick store trips. Very quickly, you'll notice that you are throwing out less spoiled items and enjoying lower grocery bills.

About the Author: For more information about these great green bags which are good for your fruits, veggies and helping the environment, visit ProHealth News to get more...

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