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Today is my last day of freedom.
The last day
i dont have to count calories
i dont have to exercize
i dont have to eat healthy
The last day
i can eat chocolate as much as i want
i can watch hours of tv sitting on the couch
i can go out to dinner with my fiance and order whatever i want.
The last day of my life... :)

haha, i'm so just kidding. Tomorrow is October 17,2005... The day i will begin this journey/journal. It is 8 months away from my wedding day, and i want to lost 40 pounds. That adds up to 5 pounds a month, which i'm sure i could outdo, but i am going to start with this as my initial goal.
Let me give you some background...
I have always been a chubby gal.... (well after i hit puberty) i was always chubbier than the other girls my age, but along with that came boobs too, so i wasn't too teribly dissappointed. Recently my fiance moved in, and we go out to eat a lot.... and i've ballooned out to my biggest weight.... and i refuse to hit 200....
But here i am now..... 21, and i wear a size 12-14. i weighed 188 this morning, but i'm calling it 190. I do however get told that i don't look like i weigh this much, but this is the fattest i've ever been. Also i just dont feel healthy. I want so much to be healthy... and a little less to where i feel like i'm knocking on Lane Bryant's door.

Also, my bridesmaids..... My fiance's 3 little sisters (all tiny) and my 3 best friends.... size 2, size 4, size 10....
and then you have my friends.. the beautiful...
plus sized bride....

so i've tried Atkins... Failed.
Tried Weight Watchers... worked, but i gave up because i was too busy (what a cop out.. i know)
Gym membership (i'm just too busy to go.. cop out)

My life is hectic i must say. I'm in my senior year of college studying to be a respiratory therapist. I graduate on May 5. I am in school Monday-Thursday 7a-3:30pm working alongside a therapist..... Then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (minus 1 weekend a month) i work 7a-7p at a hospital doing admissions (which is where i am right now) ***can't you tell i'm busy today***

Anyways, So basically my life consists of school, studying for boards, work, and Planning this wedding.
I think i've been worrying so much about all of that... that i forgot to take care of myself.
Well thats in the past now...as tomorrow holds a new day.

Tomorrow i will start counting calories and attempt to do weight watchers with some support from some friends.....
I hope to meet some of you that are struggling with the same weight loss issue, and maybe you know "motivate" each other.


X posted to a few other places :)
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